TAWA Premium Hearing Amplifier For Adults And Seniors, Aids In Hearing, Pack of 2

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  • EXTRA LONG LIFE RECHARGEABLE VARTA BATTERY, CHARGE PROTECTION. SAFE. Save money with a rechargeable hearing aid made by the industry leader. Intentionally designed with an extra long battery charge, and charger protection to increase the battery life.
  • AMERICAN MADE KNOWLES SPEAKER- SUPERIOR AMPLIFIER WITH 2 FREQUENCY MODES Hear through a top quality Knowels speaker and multiple settings. The BHA-1222 has 2 preset amplifier modes accessed by pushing the “M” button on the device. Program 1- High frequency range and, program 2- low frequency range for your comfort.
  • SIMPLE TO USE & EASY TO WEAR Easy, one finger button controls. Easy to wear and lightweight. Adjustable tubes for both right and left ears. Comfortable fit.
  • DOUBLE LAYER DOMES & DIGITAL CHIP TO DECREASE WHISTLING SOUNDS Our 5th generation digital chip is equipped with Smart Noise Cancellation that significantly reduces ‘white noise’ and ambient distortions, paired with our double layer domes, this hearing amplifier allows the user to hear what’s most important.


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The 1222 offers a lot of options for those looking for a versatile hearing amplifier. Fully rechargeable, the 1222 won’t quit on you when you need it most! Get back to doing the things you really love, with the 1222!

Get back doing what you love
With the 1222 at your side, you’ll be equipped with a versatile hearable that allows you to be fully engaged.

Power to last
A rechargeable battery to save time and money. Leave the 1222 charging overnight for 8 hours and its battery will provide 35 hours of continuous usage, allowing you to go for days.

Designed for comfort
This hearable is ready-to-wear, light-weight, with an ergonomic fit.

Entry level noise reduction
With entry-level noise reduction capabilities the 1222 helps to reduce unwanted feedback and noise.

Adapt to your environment
Switch back and forth from the 1222’s default ‘soft’ mode to ‘sonority’ mode to better hear speech as needed.

Works in either ear
With an adjustable ambidextrous hearing tube that swivels left and right, the choice is yours whether to use the 1222 in either ear!