TAWA Diabetic Supply Organizer with Insulin Cooler Travel Case

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  • CONVENIENT Health Organizer (w/ Shoulder Strap) for All Your Important Medications and Health Information
  • DURABLE Elastic Loops That Hold Eleven (11) 30-60 Day Small/Medium and Four (4) 90 Day Large Standard Bottles (Bottles Not Included)
  • LOCKABLE Double Zipper Accommodates a Luggage Lock to Keep Your Medication and Critical Documents Secured (Lock Not Included)
  • EFFICIENT 6-Pocket 5-Tab Colored File Manager Enables Superior Organization of Medical Documents, Lab Results, and Other Information
  • INCLUDED Notepad, 7-Day Pill Organizer, and Mesh Storage Pocket for Lancets, Test Strips, Syringes, etc.


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Quickly and Easily Manage Your Medications

Durable Elastic Loops

Includes 15 elastic loops capable of holding eleven (11) 30-60 day small/medium and four (4) 90-day large standard pill bottles (bottles not included).

(This product is intended to be used with patient’s original prescription bottles)

Weekly Pill Organizer

The 7-day weekly pill organizer is perfect for managing your daily medications and is two-sided: one for AM morning medications and one for PM nighttime medications.

Expandable Front Pouch With File Manager

Use the 6-pocket, 5 tabbed color file manager to store all essential medical documents. Easily organize and reference documents during doctor’s visits. Store medical records in case of emergency.


Prevent theft, tampering, and children from accessing your Med Manager. Each binder is double-zippered to accommodate a small luggage lock (lock sold separately).

Benefits of Owning a TAWA Portable Pill Organizer

Benefits for the Patient:

  1. Personal Safety and Health – make sure you are taking the right medication at the right time, all the time. Non-adherence can be very dangerous for patients.
  2. Reduced Stress Before Doctor Visits – reduce patient stress by organizing and centralizing all medical documents pre-visit.
  3. Quicker Emergency Response Time – EMT staff and emergency room doctors find the TAWA Portable Pill Organizer can be a lifesaver. They can quickly access your files and have your complete medical history at their fingertips.

3 Tips for Better Medication Management

Invest in a Medication Organizer

Many people underestimate the value of a good medication organizer. If you want to take medication correctly throughout the week, a pillbox is the ideal solution. The best strategy of managing medication is to make sure that you don’t run out of medicine unexpectedly. Plan for medication weeks or days in advance.

Set Reminders

This is one of the most common health tips, but is unfortunately ignored too often. A dispenser will help you stay organized but it will not remind you to take the medication. Setting a reminder on an alarm clock or smartphone will help keep you on track. Caregivers should also set reminders for themselves.

Use a Single Pharmacy

We always advise having all prescriptions filled at the same pharmacy. Transferring prescriptions between pharmacies can lead to information being delayed or lost, which can have serious implications for the patient. It also makes it easier for pharmacists to spot ‘red flags’ in case a certain drug combination may be problematic.

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