TAWA Personal Digital Rechargeable Hearing Aids Amplifier for Adults Seniors, 1 Pair

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  • SMART And HIGH QUALITY: Multi-Channel WDRC Memories and Highly Advanced Mini Microprocessor Technology for background noise reduction and feedback cancellation, make normal speech More Clearly. NOTE: Suitable for Mild to Moderate hearing loss(Not for severe or profound deaf).
  • RECHARGEABLE: Type-C Fast Charging, Intelligent Identification of Charging Direction, Limited Charging Current Protection System, which makes your charging safer and more convenient. Charge less than 3.5 hours for a full charge and use time up to 20 hours.
  • MULTI-SCENE APPLICATION: 4 Working Modes: Quiet/ Noisy/ TV mode/ Outdoor switching to meet different environments. Press the switch button, you can hear 1/2/3/4 beeps match 4 programs. Long press the button for power on/off.
  • USER-FRIENDLY DESIGN: Mini and Flexible. With extremely Compact and Lightweight packaging, you can take it anywhere. 3 different sizes of earplugs (large, medium and small), 2 kinds of hearing tubes to meet the needs of different people.
  • PERFECT After-Sales SERVICE: Complete accessories and exquisite packaging.  If there is any problem, you can Contact our customer service through the mailbox in the After-Sale Card.


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TAWA has been dedicating its life to creating innovative and better personal sound hearing amplifiers to link the sound world. It’s our greatest happiness if we can bring you a brand new sound world.

Personal Sound Voice Enhancer allows users to listen to the world around them with multiple functions. People can control the volume and voice output as they like so that they can hear comfortably.

Package list:

2 hearing aid/ 1 Charging base/ 2 kinds of hearing tubes/ 3 different types of of domes/ 1 cleaning wipes/ 1 cleaning brush/ 1 dry capsule/1 dry case/ 1 User Manual


  • Magnetic contact charging
  • Built-in 25-30mAh Lithium Polymer battery
  • 2 Channels WDRC DSP
  • Intelligent identification of charging direction
  • Limited charging current protection system
  • Fast charging: Less than 3.5 hours for a full charge
  • Long use time: Up to 20 hours
  • Indicator light: Solid Blue light when charging, Solid Green light when fully charged


Switch mode by turning the roller. Program 1 suits a quiet environment. Program 2 suits TV mode . Program 3 suits noisy environments  . Program 4 suits outdoors.

Hearing aids make your “world” livelier
Hearing aids is the perfect hearing loss solution that will be effective enough to help most people with hearing loss. Behind-the-ear hearing aids make it easier for you to carry around, Fully charged for up to 20 hours of standby time, you can listen without worry all day.

How to use thick sound tube?

Step 1 Select dome and press firmly onto the sound tube connector.

Step 2 Insert the dome into the ear canal. Measure and mark a spot 3mm above where the tip of the ear hook and tube meet.

Step 3 Cut the tube just above the marked spot.

Step 4 Complete assembly by inserting the tip of ear hook into the cut end of the tube.

Have you encountered similar situations in your life?

You can’t hear their voices when communicating with your family every day; you must turn the volume to the maximum when you watch TV every day (the neighbor is on your way to your home); the leader is speaking important things on the podium, but you can’t hear what he is talking about.