TAWA Hearing Amplifier Rechargeable Ziv-206 with 4 Channels Layered Noise Reduction

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  • EASY USE AND COMFORTABLE FEATURE: Our hearing amplifiers designed by audiologist are easy, durable, and comfortable to wear in either of the ears.
  • RECHARGABLE FEATURE: Our hearing amplifier runs with high quality lithium battery, which saves your trouble to buy button batteries frequently. It can be used for 20-24 hours after charging 2 hours. It can be charged via USB cable, you are able to charge anytime and anywhere you want.
  • FULLY UPGRADE: 4 channels signal processing, with 4 independent compression-amplification channels, the received sound is divided into different, frequency regions for separate analysis, processing and recurring, speech noise synchronization detection optimization adaptive, layered noise reduction to reduce background noise, acoustic feedback cancellation.
  • GIFT DESIGN: Our rechargeable hearing amplifiers are offered with exquisite packaging and complete accessories. We provide one unit, two types of sound tubes and ear domes, free to choose. Our hearing amplifiers will be great gifts for your friends or families.


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USB CHARGING-Charge Anytime and Anywhere

  • Quick Charge: about 2 hours to full charge
  • Large Capacity: use 20-24 hours at time
  • Available in All countries: original charger-100-240V
  • Safe and Efficient: Automatic power off after full charge

3 Preset Program with Noise Reduction

  1. *Everyday mode-use in a quiet environment such as in a home or indoors
  2. Moderate noise reduction mode-use in an environment noisier than home, such as a restaurant.
  3. Noisy environment mode-use in louder environments such as outdoors, concerts, markets.

We provide one unit, two types of sound tubes and ear domes, free to choose. More choices, more convenient.

What’s in the package?

  • 1 Banglijian Hearing Amplifier ZIV-206
  • 2 Slim Sound Tubes and 10 Ear Domes (one left side and one right side)
  • 3 Thick Sound Tubes and 5 Ear Domes
  • 1 Shockproof Case
  • 1 Set of Cleaning Tools
  • 1 Power Adapter and 1 USB Cable
  • 1 User Manual

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