TAWA Hearing Amplifier for Seniors Adults Noise-Cancelling Miracle Ear Amplifier

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  • Audiologist Designed – The CIC hearing amplifier to aid and assist for MILD to MODERATE hearing loss, not hyperacusis and severe loss, suitable elderly and adults magicear impaired. The magnifier tv ears headset is inexpensive and affordable, pocket talker amazon prime prices is cheap, perfect choice alternative to custom over the counter hearing aide
  • Small Designed – The sound amplifier is small, discreet and mini enough to be invisible in the ear canal and work with size 10 batteries. The psap devices more stable than rechargeable hearings aids and is convenience in hunting hear assistive.
  • Easy to Use – This mobility amplification come with bigger volume control (VC), just put your finger on it to adjust manually, do not need extra tools to adjust and handle the small volume trimmer, much easier to use. The bigger size volume control tap is improved design and helpful for elderly people. The hd smart earring atomic beam with 62ears dome – Full 3 size domes make it more fit different e-a-r sizes and best comfortable to ear canal.
  • Clear Sound Quality – The miracle amp talk is worn completely in your ear canal, it uses programmable enhancer technology to achieve good sound quality and hear more clear. You can adjust the volume to avoid sudden increase in sound, makes you focus on what you want to listen, enjoy life.
  • Suitable for a Different Environment – The deaf ear amplified devices can be applied to watching television and outdoor scenes like take a walk for walker in a park and busy area, The earing listener is also suit for hunters. We do care about each customer we want you to share love and joy in daily life again


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Color: Blue/ Red

Invisible Hearing Sound Amplifiers for Seniors and Adults
Material:Medical Resin
Color : Light Red for Right Ear ,Light Blue for Left Ear
Package( for one ear)
1 x Hearing Amplifier
3 x Different size closed earplugs
1 x Cleaning Tools Brush
5 x Earwax Guard
1 x Size 10 battery
1 x Case
Q: Why do hearing amplifiers make noise?
A: Hearing amplifiers will amplify all sound simultaneously, including the speech and background noise, the Noise-Cancelling microphone would help to amplify more speech signal to help you to hear more clear.
Q: How to reduce feedback/whistling for this hearing amplifier?
A: 1. Ensure the Ear Dome fits snugly in your ear canal, make the amplifier is occlusive in the canal.
2. Choose the right size ear dome, if it is too loose, replace with a larger ear dome.
3. Turning down the volume prior to insert the amplifier into the canal.
4. Make sure the pulling line is below, and the volume button/dial is above when you wearing it, to wear the device properly.
Q: : The amplifier does not work/stop working/can’t be heard?
A:1. Change a new battery, wait for 2 minutes for full optional for a new battery.
2. Clean the sound output tube to avoid the blocked from the ear wax.
3. If you still can not hear the sound, replace the wax filter.
4. Keep the amplifier dry and clean the amplifier frequently.

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Blue, Red