TAWA Hearing Amplifier Aid 6 Channel & 12 Bands with Noise Reduction Single Button

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  • 【NEARLY INVISIBLE& COMFORTABLE】:Open-Fit Aid is a New Kind of BTE(Behind-the-Ear) Hearing Amplifier, Glossy, Subtler and Less Than an Inch. The Microphone and Tubing are Hidden in the Ear’s Natural Contours, It Is Virtually Invisible in the Ear. Multi-venting Allows Air to Travel Freely in and out of the Ear, Your Perception of Your Voice Does Not Sound “Plugged Up.”
  • 【UNPARALLELED SOUND】:12-Band Digital Processing and 4 Programs Bring you Exceptional Clarity, Almost no Background noise with 6 Channels Layered Noise Suppression Technology, 8 Volume adjustments with Simple one Touch Cycle Control. Not Only wear great But Also Feel Great.
  • 【USER FRIENDLY】:This came professionally Pr-programmed and Work With Normal #312 Zinc Air Button Cell Battery, Battery Last 6-8days(About 200 Hours). Volume/Program Memory Function(10 Min After). Fits Mild-Moderate Hearing Loss, Fit to Both Right and Left Ear, Package Including Replacement Advanced 2 Type-3 Full Sized Earplugs To Fit To Various Different Groups.
  • 【CERTIFICATION】:We Provides Attractive Price Without Sacrificing Quality and CE ISO and so on Approved.


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Giving You Full The Freedom to Explore The Sounds Around You

Tawa is a Dynamic, Highly-Focused And Creative Brand Focused on PSAP and Committed to Designing the PSAP Which are Skilful Manufacture, Dependable Performance and Functional.

All Tawa Device Are Designed Of The Ear Canal By Professional Audiologists, And Each Our Device Is Carefully Tested By Our Specialized Engineers Before They Leave the Factory. We Have Satisfied Hundreds of Thousands Of Consumers with the Superior Quality .You can Always Count on the Highest Quality of Products and Services with Us.

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Step 1
Open the battery door completely. Remove the protective foil and wait 1 minute before inserting the battery into the hearing aid to allow activation of battery. Insert the new #312 battery with the “+”(flat) side facing the “+” on the battery door. Close the battery door.

Step 2
Choose the dome that fits you best and connect it to the sound tube, by pushing the dome over the grooves on the tube until it is secure.

Step 3
Adjust the volume until the level you are comfortable with.

Step 4
Tuck stabilizer bar in the outer bowl of ear. You can cut off the stabilizer bar if you don’t feel comfortable with it. It is not necessary.