TAWA Double Pack Silver Premium Quality Hearing Amplifier

$246.25 $197.00

  • Digital Noise Reduction Chip Along With a 500+ Hour Battery Life
  • Discreet Design Doesn’t Compromise Comfort And Also Allows For Unit To Operate On Both Ears
  • Digital Sound Chip Easily Adapts To New Environment Changes Allowing For Seamless Hearing Amplification
  • Designed To Be Practically Invisible And Very Lightweight


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You don’t quit, neither should your hearing amplifier! Whether it’s a morning jog or an afternoon meeting, the 220 will keep you focused on achieving your best with four frequency modes that help you adapt to any environment. The 220 delivers real power and performance. Try it today and see for yourself why hearing is believing.

Regain your freedom
Experience life without limits. With the 220 at your side you’ll be back doing all the things you love safely and effectively in no time.

Never miss a word
The 220 is a maximum output design made to boost voices and conversations in any setting; you’ll catch every word.

Designed to be simple
It comes with over-sized buttons that are effortless to control. Plus, the larger battery and cartridge make replacing your battery a breeze

Reliable components
The 220’s advanced digital circuitry make it incredibly reliable, and with an extra-long battery life of over five-hundred hours, the 220 has you covered when it counts.

Adjust to your environment
Choose from the 220’s four different modes; High, Low, Mid, and Wide and you’ll be able to effortlessly hear what’s important in all surroundings.

Works in either ear
The 220 comes with an adjustable ambidextrous hearing tube that can swivel left and right. The choice is yours to use the 220 in either ear!