TAWA Disposable 4-Ply Safety Face Mask – Black

$24.98 $19.98

  • 55 pieces
  • Ships from USA (in stock in CA and FL)
  • 4-ply face mask for civilian use
  • 4 layers of non-woven fabric protection
  • Vacuum sealed in freeze bag
  • 100% NOT made in China

Adjustable and Durable Fit

Ear loops are strong and stretchy to fit your face without breaking. Fits small to large faces, not too tight or uncomfortable on ears and durable so ear loops don’t break. Metal adjustable nose strip to fit tight around your nose.


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  • Disposable 4-PLY, BLACK Protective Sanitary Face Mask Cover for civilian use. Made from non-woven fabric (not cloth).
  • Pack of 55 pcs 4 ply masks in vacuum sealed freeze bag packaging- SHIPS FROM USA WAREHOUSES in CA and FL. Our masks are in stock in USA.
  • 4 LAYERS of non woven fabric protection with soft, comfortable, breathable inner layer. Adjustable metal nose strip and stretchy ear loops ear loops that are durable to fit all face sizes and last all day without breaking.
  • For adult use at home, office, outside, workplace, etc. FDA, CE and ISO
    Made in FDA registered factory. CE and ISO
  • Highest quality fabric, nose strip, ear loops and vacuum sealed packaging.