TAWA Digital Hearing Amplifier Aid – Personal Sound Device with 2Pcs 500hr Batteries

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  • 【Superior sound】An advanced digital chip control frequency that offers a comfortable listening experience to conduct sound. And 3 different sizes of domes included allows choosing the right dome to tighten ears depending on the size of ear canal giving better performance allowing more natural sounds in.
  • 【500 hr plus battery life】620mAh, 2x 500 hours life, each 1 VARTA Battery = more than a dozen ordinary batteries. It’s Super Efficient Power Batteries for you taking personal sound amplification products anywhere and enhancing your hearing without frequent battery replacement.
  • 【Comfortable to wear】 The hearing amplifier device’s weight is only 0.01 pounds, it will be very easy to forget that you are wearing them, suitable for both ears. Flesh-colored subject and transparent tube, which is easy to hide.
  • 【Easy to use】One button controls 4 modes for perfectly adapt to different listening environments and will also selectively amplify human voices; one button adjusts the volume. Our product is most appropriate for mild to moderate losses. We high recommend read the manual carefully before using, and observe clearly the illustrations. we want you to have the best experience purchasing.


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Purchase includes:

  • 1x iAid hearing amplifier device
  • 2x Zinc-Air Batteries
  • 3x ear domes
  • 1x user manual,
  • 1x cleaning tool
  • 1x carrying case


Problem 1: If the iAid amplifier is not working correctly


1. Make sure it is turned ON.
2. When using Zinc Air batteries, the adhesive tab must be removed and Battery must sit for a full minute prior to first use.
3. Check that the Battery Compartment is completely closed.
4. Increase the volume slowly until you hear things comfortably.
5. Make sure the Battery is correctly inserted. If the unit is still not working, try a new Battery.

Problem 2: If the amplifier works, but the volume is too low or too loud


1. Try adjusting volume. If you find it too loud, lower the volume. If it is too low, increase the volume.
2. Try switching to another listening Mode.
3. If the volume is still too low, try a new Battery as it may need replacement.
4. If the volume is still too loud, your hearing may be too sensitive for iAid. You may reach out to us and arrange a return and refund.
5. Check the Earpiece for blockage. Ensure the opening of the Tip and Stem of Earpiece are clean.
6. Consult your doctor or audiologist.

Problem 3: There is a whistling sounds / disconcerting noise in the background.


1. Firstly, the lower the volume. Make sure that it always begins with volume at the lowest point and then slowly increase the volume until you feel it the most comfortable. Make sure the earpiece is clean and inserted properly. 2. It is important to get used to both sounds you are focusing on the background noise as well.
3. Adjust to the suitable mode and volume settings. If the sound is still disconcerting, you may be too sensitive for iAid.