TAWA Deluxe Wheelchairs – Elevating Leg Rests – Desk-Length Arm Rests


  • High-quality wheelchair from one of the leading manufacturers, all options included
  • Durable, non-marking PU tires make it easy to push the chair even indoors on carpet or outdoors. The user can also propel himself using the integrated hand rims
  • Elevating leg rests for comfort and pressure relieve. The legrest can be swung away or taken off the chair for safe transfer. The calf pads are adjustable for maximum comfort and the length of the leg rests is also adjustable
  • All of Med-Elite’s wheelchairs feature flip-back, desk-length armrests which provide great arm support while being short enough so that the user can get close to desks and tables
  • Nylon upholstery is more breathable and padded to ensure comfort and low pressure in case of longer use


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This high-quality wheelchair offers you the best value for the money, all of the costly options are included already! Elevating legrests offer comfort and pressure relieve for the user, flip-back desk-length arms let the user participate in daily life and Nylon upholstery provide comfort and breathability even during extended periods of use.

The legrest can be taken off of the chair without tools to make it easier to take the chair with you in a car and transfers out of the bed or a chair are safe and simple due to the swing away legrest attachments and the easy flip-back armrests. Seat height and seating angle can be adjusted using the various adjustment points on the front and rear wheels, for smaller users or for users who want to push themselves with their legs. The sturdy steel frame and the non-marking PU tires guarantee a long life span.

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16" Seat, 18" Seat, 20" Seat