TAWA Deluxe Shower Chair

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  • PADDED SEAT AND ARMRESTS Provide comfortable, warm-to-the-touch seating and minimizes the risk of skin tears and subsequent infections. Armrests prevent falls and assist in entering and exiting the chair.
  • SAFER, CLEANER DESIGN- Modern design. Especially helpful for dementia and visually impaired users to help prevent slips, trips and falls; the leading cause of death by injury in people over 65.
  • MEDICAL GRADE Aluminum frame will never rust. Institutional quality for reliability, durability and safety.
  • HEIGHT ADJUSTABLE Seat allows the chair to be custom fitted to the user for optimal safety and comfort.
  • EASY TO CLEAN Polyurethane padding will never absorb water and softer surface prevents users from slipping and sliding.


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Comfortable Deluxe Padded Shower Chair

Designed for users who value quality, safety, comfort and convenience.

The perfect choice for users who require a premium, cost-effective bath and shower chair.

Enjoy Bathing again

Bathing and showering can be a daunting and often dangerous process. Using a shower chair can greatly decrease the risk of slips, trips and falls – the leading cause of death by injury in people over 65.

It is designed by health care professionals and used by institutions all over the country.

Quick, tool-less height adjustment feature allows it to be custom fitted to any user for optimal safety and comfort. Frame will never rust for years of reliable use.

Weight-bearing armrests for safe entry and exit.

Water-shedding, soft, institutional quality foam padding prevents skin tears and feels much warmer to the skin than standard hard plastic.