TAWA Deluxe Aluminum Rollator Walker with 10’’ Wheels

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  • COMPACT DESIGN – The unique folding design allows you to adjust the width of the rollator. It permits you to navigate narrow spaces. The front wheels can be easily folded, and the rear legs removed, allowing you put your rollator in the travel case, a car trunk or cabinet.
  • HUGE WHEELS – The 10 inch front wheels provides better stability and security when you rolling on the rollator uneven surfaces. Compared with rollators with 8 inch wheels, our product can better accommodate rough or soft ground such as: lawn, sand, forest, etc. The two-size wheel system is much easier to push over any surface, including floors and carpets.
  • WIDER SEAT – No need to struggle with narrow seat .Our 17.7 x 9.8 inch seat provides more space . With the support of a thickened, soft and strong back belt, you can relax in comfort.
  • BAKED-ON FINISH – We use an advanced painting craft technique on the surface of frame, which results in a fancy-bicycle appearance. The 1.5mm series 7 aluminum frame provides a to 300 lbs weight capacity.
  • BICYCLE-TYPE BRAKING SYSTEM – Ergonomic handles are part of an easy-to-use braking system that can be locked when you do not want the walker to roll. “1-Click Button” allows you easily to adjust the height of handles.


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All Terrain Wheels

Big wheels make big difference,10”wheels for great passing ability, help you lightly going through some rugged surface like stone road, boardwalk, lawn.

Idea Size for Travelling

The smallest folding size Rollator in the world. 21.6*14.5*7.8”. Easily take it in the trunk of your car and have a nice weekend with your family.

Shopping Bag and fitting Mechanism

The bag attaches to the front of the rollator, the fitting mechanism allows the bag to be quickly attached or removed and carried into the house.

Narrow Size for Door

When you are going through a narrow door, try putting half of the rollator away and go through the door before using it normally.

Stable and Safe

Tawa Rollator stands ahead of the competition with increased safety, flexibility and the best possible comfort. Feel free to use it.

Wide and Comfort Seat

As long as you are tired, sitting anywhere you want, at home, at office, in the park, on the way home, on grass, rugged place etc.

Keep balance, agile control

Specially shaped brake arm guides the rollator away from any obstacles and ensures that the wheels don’t catch or jam as you walk.

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