TAWA Absorbent Washable Waterproof Seat Protector Pads 21”x22”, Blue

$27.48 $21.98

  • PROTECT – These waterproof velour seat protectors are ideal for keeping any surface dry and stain free
  • COMFORTABLE – The velour surface provides a soft touch while and absorbent inner layer and non-slip vinyl back will ensure the utmost protection
  • ADULT AND CHILDREN – Our absorbent pad is great for adults with incontinence needs, young children and pets
  • PORTABLE – This waterproof seat protector and pad is easy to use on any surface. Great for wheelchairs, furniture, car seats, airplane seats, train seats, scooters and much more. Measures 22″ x 21″
  • REUSABLE – Washer and dryer friendly. With up to 300 washes, these provide an environmentally friendly and economical option to disposable solutions


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Where Can These Seat Protectors Be Used?

Our Tawa seat protectors can go Anywhere! It can be used on car seats, children seats, couches, recliners, wheelchair, plane seats, train seats, etc.

Can These Pads Be Used For Pets?

Yes! Anyone, anywhere! We created a variety of size to be easily portable and versatile. Ideal For Pets, Children And Adults!

What The Backing Is Made Of?

Our seat protectors features our waterproof Safe Guard Barrier System, certified by a third party independent lab to be free of Lead, Cadmium, Mercury And All Phthalates!

Are These Seat Protectors Machine Washer And Dryer Friendly?

Absolutely! We’ve designed our pads to withstand over 300 machine washes and dryings. Simply throw the pad in the washer and dryer and it will absorb just as well as the first time.