TAWA 702 Hearing Amplifier For Adults To Aid In Hearing Recreation

$199.98 $159.98

  • ADVANCED digital sound amplifier for MILD to MODERATE hearing loss. Perfect alternative to programmed hearing aids.
  • TWO HEARING MODES/ FREQUENCY CONTROL Technology with noise cancelling and feedback suppression.
  • Amplifies frequencies of human voice ranges as well as assisting sound in different environments.


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The 702 offers a balance of features, power and performance. A hearing amplifier built from the ground up with your lifestyle in mind. Get back to you with the 702!

Get back to you!
With the 702 we know you’ll be back doing the things you love most with new clarity and ease.

A perfect balance
The 702 is our medium output design with a mix of various features offered across our line of amplifiers. It is perfect for those looking to increase volume, while maintaining a subtle appearance.

Designed for comfort
Ready-to-wear and light-weight. The 702 features a modern discreet design that is built for comfort with an ergonomic fit.

Easy controls
The 702 features easy one-touch control of the volume and mode settings so that it’s a snap to operate even for a beginner.

Adapt to your environment
Switch back and forth from the 702s default ‘soft’ mode to ‘sonority’ mode to better hear speech as needed.

Works in either ear
With an interchangeable and replaceable left and right hearing tubes included the choice is yours whether to use the 702 in either ear.