TAWA 7 Piece Kit Hearing Aid Cleaning Tools and Earbuds Airpod Cleaner Kit

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  • ALL IN ONE — whether it’s your hearing aids, apple air pods, earbuds, airpod ear buds or a regular earphones, this headphone cleaner includes all the necessary tools to properly clean and remove the condensation of moisture and earwax inside. It prevent damage and provides maintenance that will help get years of worry-free and trouble-free wear.
  • CONVENIENT — all these hearing aid cleaner tools are packed in a hand carry hard shell case that can fit your daily bag. With a case that can easily be carried anywhere and anytime, you can establish good cleaning habits by routinely keeping your aid free from earwax and moisture. You can even use this case as your emergency hearing aid carrying case too.
  • EASY AND REGULAR MAINTENANCE — aside from proper hygiene, having your hearing aid cleaned, properly maintained and free from moisture helps keep the integrity of your hearing aid. You can regularly clean it before bedtime which gives enough time to air out before putting them on again or you can have it cleaned before taking a bath. The best thing is you have a kit that can regularly keep your sophisticated tool fresh.
  • AID KIT INCLUSIONS — this aid kit includes 7 pieces: a vent cleaner, steel pick, screw driver, brush and wax loop, a multifunctional tool and a microfiber cloth. All of these hearing aid accessories are carefully created and furnished to accommodate all your cleaning needs up to the minute details of your hearing aid
  • MULTIFUNCTIONAL — from scraping away hard to reach wax to removing debris in the hearing aid vents. To removing tiny screws and opening battery compartments to remove tiny batteries. These are only some of the functions that you can do with your ear cleaning tool.


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This Universal hearing aid cleaning kit, works with well on all brands of hearing aids and listening devices. From airpods to other devices, it will help keep your ears & hearing aids clean and maintained. This is not only hygienic but is also cost-effective as it can avoid costly repairs & replacement.

Our kit includes 6 pieces of hearing aid cleaning supplies and a carrying case. Two types of brushes make it easy to clean out wax and skin debris, with wax loops for stubborn hard reach debris. Also a magnet for removing those small batteries. Also a vent pick for cleaning out the vents. A steel pick as well as a small screwdriver for any hard to reach wax. Also included is machine washable micro-fiber cloth to wipe away day to day wax and skin debris.

Keep all the tools and your hearing aids and/or listening devices in a small portable zip-up carrying case.

Our Cleaning Kit works well on all major brands of hearing aids and works well as an airpod cleaning kit too!

Hearing aids are a significant investment and are definitely not cheap, and considering their value, we must learn how properly care and maintain these tiny marvels against earwax, dirt and moisture.

Product Specifications:

  • Inclusions:
    • Cleaning Picks/Vent Cleaner
    • Steel Pick
    • Screw Driver
    • Multi-Functional Tools
    • Brush and Wax Loop
    • Micro Fibercloth
    • Hearing Aid Case

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Never insert any sharp tools into the microphone opening as damage can occur.

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