TAWA Elastic Tubular Support Bandage

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  • DELIVERS CONSISTENT SUPPORT: Elasticated tubular bandage delivers quality consistent support with a single application cotton/spandex bandage for support and compression. TAWA tube bandages require no pins or tape and easy to use
  • PROFESSIONAL HOSPITAL GRADE QUALITY: You can trust that TAWA offers you the same hospital-quality elastic tubular support bandages you have been looking for. Designed with quality in mind these support bandages are thicker and more durable than any others available
  • CUT TO ANY LENGTH: For you to achieve the perfect fit for more comfortable support without stretching or wearing out. SIZE F, FOR LARGE KNEE-MEDIUM TO LARGE THIGH SUPPORT. The natural beige color bandages are made of a combination of cotton and Spandex
  • A BETTER ALTERNATIVE TO ELASTIC COMPRESSION STOCKINGS: You will find the TAWA Elastic Tubular Support Bandages easier to put on than compression socks and immediate relief to help with circulation issues including leg edema, cellulitis, soft tissue injuries, post-burn scarring, and other conditions in need of better support
  • MACHINE WASHABLE & REUSABLE: For you to conveniently wash and reuse allowing them to last a longer lifespan. Washes nicely and will not fray easily. No pins or tapes needed Full range of sizes to suit most applications


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Elastic Tubular Support Bandage is intended for use on Large knees and medium-sized thighs Leg Arms Elbows. These tube bandages require no pins or tape and are easy to apply and reapply.

Elastic Tube Support bandage dressings are used for support and dressing of muscle strains and muscle sprains general edema soft tissue injuries post-burn scarring and a multitude of other wound dressing applications.


  1. Delivers consistent support
  2. They can be cut to any length
  3. Better than copper compression socks
  4. Machine washable and reusable

DIMENSIONS: Measure approximately 4 in. x 33 ft. Cut to any size Natural Color TAWA provides lasting effective support with complete freedom of movement for the patient. Once the bandage has been applied covered elastic threads within the fabric move to adjust to the contours of the body and distribute pressure evenly over the surface. The product application is quick and easy.


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